The Wild Diamond

Amethyst & Smoky Quartz Cascade Earrings


Image of Amethyst & Smoky Quartz Cascade Earrings

Nearly flawless and smooth-polished amethyst teardrops hang from faceted smoky quartz and ametrine nuggets. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine. The stone is mostly purple with a slight yellow accent. Each stone is wire wrapped individually, allowing them to move independently of one another, and they hang from oxidized sterling silver ear wires

Total Length : 6.5 cm
Top Amethyst : 17 mm Width Each
Center Smoky Quartz : .5 Inch Width Each
Bottom Amethyst : 2 cm Length Each
Metaphysics: Purification & Detoxification
Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver Leverback Ear Wires

The Wild Diamond Original: Made on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC by designer Lara Gordon.